Ann Cheng Headshot

Ann Cheng

GreenTRIP Program Director

Ann Cheng is the creator and director of which in the last 8 years included developing GreenTRIP Certification and supporting over 23 cities and community leaders around the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles with smarter parking and TDM data and policies through the Great Communities Collaborative Toolkit which she authored. She brings a diverse perspective, providing policy, data, community leadership, and GIS expertise which led her to design free web tools like the GreenTRIP Parking Database and a statewide climate and traffic calculator GreenTRIP Connect. The GreenTRIP Parking Database supported passage of AB 744, a statewide law lowering parking minimums for transit-oriented, senior and disabled homes. Her team is now working with key state agencies to get GreenTRIP Connect recognized as an accepted tool to implement SB743 for proposed housing developments. 
GreenTRIP has certified over 5,000 units in 34 projects to date. Certified developers have committed to 150,000 years of deeply discounted transit passes, equal to $21 million in transit agency revenues, instead of wasting up to $100 million on excess car parking. The cities of Emeryville, Richmond, Sunnyvale, and BART have adopted GreenTRIP into their policies. Many other cities including San Jose and Oakland have improved their transportation policies to encourage GreenTRIP concepts like reduced parking and legalizing traffic reduction strategies with the support of GreenTRIP. 
Ann leads a stellar team of three to run various aspects of the GreenTRIP program.  Ann has 16 years of experience in county government, consulting, non-profit and elected office. She was a councilmember and former Mayor of El Cerrito, in 2008-2012 and was recognized in 2014 by the San Francisco Business Time's Top 40 Under 40 award.