Isa Gaillard

Project Coordinator
510-740-3150 x329

Isa works on TransForm’s Regional Advocacy Team. His primary role is to engage low-income communities, elected officials, transit riders, and Bay Area residents in transportation, land use, and housing plans, projects, and policies. In addition to his role on Regional Advocacy, Isa also works closely with TransForm’s development team, applying for grants to secure funding for the organization. Before transitioning to his current role, Isa was a High School coordinator with the Safe Routes to Schools team.
Isa is passionate about addressing the fact that environmental degradation and urbanization disproportionately harm certain communities. Particular areas of interest include food deserts, housing inequality, climate adaptation, and indigenous methods of sustainable living. Prior to joining TransForm, Isa was the Environmental Justice Fellow at the Center for Environmental Health. 
During his time at the University of Michigan, Isa received his bachelors in Public Policy with a concentration in Sustainable Urban Policy. He served as the chair of the Native American Student Association for multiple years and worked with tribes throughout the country organizing student-led powwows and many other events. 
In the future, Isa hopes to pursue a Masters in Urban Planning. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, dancing salsa, bike riding, and meditating.