Joël Ramos

Regional Planning Director

Joël began his professional career as an assistant planner for the Spanish Speaking Unity Council in East Oakland, where he gained his initial community planning experience. He then moved on to build a coalition of labor, environmental and social justice groups to win community and political support for economic development around one of the largest transit-oriented development (TOD) projects in California.

For most of the 10 years Joël has been with TransForm, he has been working with the Great Communities Collaborative on several TOD planning processes, policy development and project implementation efforts, including coalition organizing around the Lake Merritt Station Area Plan, the International Boulveard TOD plan, the City of Oakland's Housing Impact Fee and BART's Inclusionary Housing Policy. 

Joël has also spent countless hours working to help maximize community involvement (especially among under-represented stakeholders) and to build awareness and support for transit improvements throughout the region, including AC Transit's East Bay BRT line (Bus Rapid Transit), passing the Alameda County Transportation Sales Tax Measures B and B1, the 2016 BART Bond Measure and the 2016 Contra Costa County Sales Tax Measure. He is also helping to lead the Bay Area Bike Share work TransForm will be doing in Oakland and Berkeley.

For the past 5 years, Joël has voluntarily served as an appointee on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which is the agency that oversees public transportation, bicycling, and parking in the city. Joël received this ongoing appointment after serving on the Community Advisory Committee for the Geary BRT project.

Joël's family was "transit dependent" as he grew up. Those memories and his daily transit experiences reinforce his commitment to our work. When he is not working on policy with TransForm or the SFMTA, you can find Joël playing the chess tables at Yerba Buena Gardens, running in Golden Gate Park, or deep in a book at theMechanics' Institute Library.