Nina Rizzo

GreenTRIP Planner

Nina works on the GreenTRIP team, TransForm’s certification program for new residential, mixed use development. The program helps identify appropriate traffic reduction strategies and encourage sustainable transportation choices with options such as free transit passes, carshare memberships, and limiting excessive parking. These strategies reduce transportation costs for residents and greenhouse gas emissions.

Nina’s prior work to address climate change and social justice has taken on different forms over time. Prior to TransForm, Nina worked as an organizer in the youth climate movement and as a government and utility liaison in the solar industry. Her keen interest in transportation was cultivated by assisting a city planning commissioner and researching the potential effects of autonomous vehicles.

You may spot Nina riding her bicycle to the grocery store or to visit a friend. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Geography with a minor in Conservation and Resource Studies at UC Berkeley, and her Master’s degree in Public Policy at Mills College in Oakland. 

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