Nina Rizzo

GreenTRIP Certifications Program Manager

Nina Rizzo manages the GreenTRIP Certifications program, which supports more transit-oriented homes with less driving. She has multi-sector experience working on projects and research related to transportation, housing, and clean energy. Her enthusiasm for transportation issues began when the California Governor's Office of Planning and Research asked her to study the potential impacts of autonomous vehicles on land use, climate change, and social equity. 

Nina appreciates the options in the Bay Area to use transit, bicycle, walk and carshare/rideshare to where she wants to go. She lived in Berkeley and Oakland for 16 years until relocating to Fresno in 2018 due to housing costs; she now works remotely most of the time. Nina received a Master's in Public Policy from Mills College and a B.A. from UC Berkeley. In her spare time, she likes to go hiking and dancing

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