Stanley Lam


Stanley is responsible for TransForm's day-to-day accounting operations and assists TransForm's management in financial oversight of the organization.

Stanley comes to TransForm with over ten years of experience in accounting and finance for community-based nonprofit organizations, most recently as Finance Officer of the San Francisco Community Music Center, an organization dedicated to providing high-quality music education regardless of ability to pay. His previous nonprofit finance experience includes work for groups focused on progressive health education and job skills training in poor communities.

Stanley has built electronic accounting systems from scratch; developed tools to help directors and managers make informed financial decisions; and overseen budgeting and financial reporting for government contracts and private foundation grants.

He began his work in the nonprofit sector while completing his BA at Wesleyan University under a public service internship program where he was a caseworker and a tenants advocate.

Stanley enjoys long-distance bicycling and makes use of the time to generate new ideas for songwriting. He appreciates the joys of living in the Bay Area, from how much easier it is to reach its various communities to how it is still possible to enjoy a stunning natural environment alongside an urban one. He looks forward to the day when there are even a wider range of options for people to get around as they pursue their goals, passions, and happiness.

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