Series of public workshops will help shape vision for Bay Area's future

Try to imagine the Bay Area with 2 million more people living here.  Where will we all live, work, and recreate?  How will we get around? 

A Bay Area-wide series of public workshops about this kind of region-wide, far-thinking planning will kick off this week on Thursday on April 21st in Santa Clara County.  Other You Choose/One Bay Area workshops will follow in each of the other eight Bay Area counties, with the last one on May 19th in Alameda County.  (TransForm is a co-sponsor of five of the nine workshops.)

Why should you go?  This is a chance to get your head around what our quality of life in the Bay Area might be like given some important investment and planning choices we are facing.  You’ll be introduced to some new maps (the “Initial Vision Scenario”) showing where our Bay Area cities, counties, and regional agencies are hoping to incentivize infill development and build vigorous transit corridors. 

You Choose/One Bay Area workshop participants will be given some fun tools to play with to see what it’s like to model and tweak these land-use and transportation scenarios (e.g., choosing different growth options and seeing resulting consequences). See the links between growth and the things you care deeply about, such as open space conservation, clean air, water consumption, public health, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and access to mass transit.

You’ll also have the opportunity to make comments and communicate preferences about the trade-offs that appeal most—all of which will be logged and reported back to the regional planning agencies.

This is a chance to participate in planning for a better Bay Area future. Register today, attend a workshop, get acquainted with what might be coming, and share your thoughts.


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