TransForm releases platform on how the Bay Area should plan for and invest in transportation

Every four years our nine county Bay Area goes through a planning exercise where county transportation agencies, regional planning agencies and a Commission of elected officials prioritize how to spend our transportation dollars. (This time we think we’re talking around $200 billion.) The exercise looks forward 25 years, and plans for a Bay Area we want to have.

And every four years, Bay Area advocacy groups get involved in this discussion. TransForm has been actively involved in this “Regional Transportation Plan” process for the last 4 plans (this is our 14th year on the RTP!).  We have a history of collaborating with other equity, health, environment and transportation organizations to articulate a platform of detailed policy recommendations to promote climate protection, exceptional and affordable public transit, and healthy, walkable communities.  

Our platform for this RTP is called “Strategic Investments for a Better Bay Area”. Over 20 organizations were involved in commenting on and/or submitting ideas for TransForm’s campaign “platform,” mostly through a Transportation Working Group convened by TransForm and a Land Use Working Group convened by Greenbelt Alliance. 

We want to thank our partners in helping to articulate this shared vision, “Strategic Investments for a Better Bay Area.” The platform lays out ten objectives, with 27 detailed recommendations for a more sustainable Bay Area, organized under four, broad-stroke, primary goals:

1.    Maintain What We Already Have

2.    Create World Class Transit for All

3.    Support Healthy, Walkable, Affordable Communities

4.    Get the Price Right

Our platform is a detailed, comprehensive document founded in a deep understanding of this process, of the current climate of shrinking transportation funding, and of the goals and requirements of California climate legislation (e.g., SB375).

These investment and policy decisions that are being decided will affect our Bay Area lives for 25 years to come.  We invite you to read it and also ask you to endorse “Strategic Investments for a Better Bay Area.”

And continue to check our blog over the next few weeks as we and our partners take on and break down the platform’s ten objectives. 

Wonky, we know—but that’s why we’re on it.

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