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Urban Planning: Stuart Cohen | KQED This Week

As we look to the future, Bay Area urban planners are scrambling for ideas on how to handle the projected increase in population. Over the last 40 years, California's sprawling growth and dependence on cars has taken its toll. According to a recent Census Bureau report, the region is home to the most "mega-commuters" in the country. These are people who spend at least 90 minutes and drive over 50 miles to get to work. Families, particularly those who can least afford it, are spending more and more of their time and income just getting where they need to go. Stuart Cohen, recipient of a 2013 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award, believes that smarter regional planning can reverse these trends. As a founder and executive director of the nonprofit TransForm, he is leading an effort to revitalize local communities into diverse, vibrant places where more people walk, bike and take world-class public transit.

CAP-AND-TRADE Conference - Panel 2

The Money Trail: How much comes in, where do the proceeds go and where should they go?

Moderator: John Myers, News10 Panelists: Tiffany Roberts, Legislative Analyst's Office; Stuart Cohen, TransForm; Michael Mielke, Silicon Valley Leadership Group; Ashley Conrad-Saydah, Assistant Secretary for Climate Policy, CalEPA, Jim Earp, Alliance for Jobs

Capitol Weekly and the University of California, UC Sacramento Center present a conference targeting California's new cap-and-trade auction program, a critical piece of the state law curbing climate-changing greenhouse gases.

Stuart Cohen, 2013 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Awards

Stuart Cohen champions innovative regional planning to create affordable, vibrant communities that improve quality of life and help the environment.

For championing regional planning that makes it easier to walk, bike and take public transportation — easing families' financial burdens and protecting the environment — Stuart Cohen is a recipient of a 2013 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award.

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New Paths to Housing and Transportation Affordability

The Community Development Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco hosted a policy briefing and engaging discussion on promoting housing and transportation affordability.

Panelists illustrated challenges in developing affordable transit-oriented housing developments including requirements for excessive parking, community opposition and financing hurdles.

They then explored solutions that are reducing costs for developers and residents alike, such as providing free transit passes and carsharing to dramatically reduce demands for excess parking, as well as new financing mechanisms being pioneered in the Bay Area.


Stuart Cohen, Executive Director, TransForm
Lindy Hahn, Vice President, Morgan Stanley
Lisa Motoyama, Director of Housing Development, Resources for Community Development

High Speed Rail: Finally on Track? Forum at San Jose State University

TransForm believes that high speed rail has the potential to reinforce cities as the hubs of our economy, relieve congested roads, plus help California meet clean air and greenhouse gas reduction goals. Yet it also has an enormous price tag, is being slapped by lawsuits and has generated opposition in cities and farms alike. (Read more in TransForm's June 2012 report).

From our forum on 11/29/2012, watch Dan Richard, Chair of the California High Speed Rail Authority, Elizabeth Alexis from Californians Advocating Responsible Rail Design; and Marian Lee from Caltrain engage in a lively discussion on overcoming some of the most confounding issues facing the project and addressing community concerns.

Fidel Valenzuela Shares His Story at TransForm's 15th Anniversary

Fidel Valenzuela is a community organizer whose powerful story illustrates how our public transportation systems and stations should be designed for everyone.

Stuart Cohen-Solving our Transportation Crisis at Google Talks

"Transportation investments that cater to cars instead of people have had devastating consequences; from intense traffic congestion, melting icecaps, the obesity epidemic and the inability for low-income families to access jobs. How can we fix this mess? Understand why change is difficult, but how clear-headed thinking, new technology and focused advocacy can break us out of failed models of the past.

Stuart Cohen, Founder and Executive Director of TransForm, California's leading organization taking on these challenges Stuart was awarded an Ashoka fellowship for his innovative approach that mixes policy advocacy, community engagement and market mechanisms for systems change.