Windfall for All

How Connected, Convenient Neighborhoods Can Protect Our Climate and Safeguard California's Economy
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Windfall for All

There are ways to fight climate change that can save all of us – families, taxpayers, governments, and businesses – huge amounts of money.

How? By creating more efficient neighborhoods that put housing, jobs, shops and services closer together and offer a range of transportation options. As a result, we can save households an average of $5,200 per year on transportation costs – and help meet California's emissions reductions targets.

Households have lower transportation costs and green-house gas emissions when they have better access to mass transit

Our current pattern of growth - sprawl - is costing us too much. It requires taxpayers to spend too much on infrastructure, developers to spend too much on parking, and families to spend far too much to get where they need to go.

Huge savings for all are in reach if we harness the potential of California's new smart growth law, SB 375, and shift transportation and land use policies and investments to support a new paradigm for planning.

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