Campaign to Connect California

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We are proud to be connectors. We are proud to connect kids to schools, families to jobs and all of us to each other. Campaign to Connect California

We’re proud to be connectors because our communities are changing. Priorities are changing. The way we commute is changing. 

More and more, housing developers, transit agencies and policy makers are coming to realize that we want to drive less. They’re thinking outside of the box when it comes to planning our communities, now and for the future. 

Donate today to our Campaign to Connect California. Help us get ahead, so we can ALL get around. 

We want to continue to be connectors and advocates because we believe that every Californian has the right to live in a place where they can get where they need to go, affordably and reliably, without a car. Why?

We still face many challenges to win sustainable transportation for every Californian. The long distances between home and work have left many people dealing with grueling commutes, polluted air and high transportation costs. And funding for transit is too limited, putting transportation access and other needs in jeopardy. We’ve set the goal of raising $50,000 by December 31st in our Campaign to Connect California. With your help, we’ll have the resources to tackle these challenges and do even more in 2015 with timely projects such as:

  • Save BART. Our Save BART campaign will mobilize BART riders and others to ensure the BART Board of Directors prioritizes safety and repairs in 2015 and beyond to keep BART affordable for riders and increase core capacity to accommodate 750,000 passengers a day. 
  • State Transportation Choices Campaign. We’ll work to ensure that the state lives up to its promise and spends its cap-and-trade funding on sustainable, equitable transportation and affordable homes - because our climate and our communities can't wait. 
  • South Bay Bus Rapid Transit. The VTA Board of Directors will decide whether to move ahead with a robust BRT route on El Camino Real - and we're organizing to make sure the South Bay doesn't miss this opportunity to revolutionize public transportation and revive a dangerous thoroughfare.

Thank you for supporting our Campaign to Connect California today!