Parker Apartments

Certification Status: Full certification awarded on April 22, 2010. Currently built and occupied. 

Developer: Lennar Multifamily Communites

Location: 2038 Parker St, Berkeley

Parker Apartments brings a mix of uses to South Berkeley, including 155 residential units and retail space. Our evaluation demonstrates that the project meets GreenTRIP standards for certification with a household driving projection of only 15 miles per day, a low parking ratio of 0.73 spaces per unit, and 100% unbundled parking (separating the cost of parking from rent). By unbundling parking, households without a car are not required to pay for parking they do not use. The developer is providing one AC Transit EasyPass per unit (or two EasyPasses at a deep discount), 2 carshare pods on-site, and a bicycle repair room. The project also brings 32 units of dedicated affordable housing to the neighborhood. Because of these reasons, and the project's close proximity to jobs, services, and transit, residents at Parker Apartments are predicted to drive 70% less than the Bay Area regional average, and produce 61% less greenhouse gases.

View the GreenTRIP Project Evaluation Report 

View the letter of GreenTRIP Certification