AB 1135: A Critical First Step to Reducing Driving

At Long Last, a Way to Track How Much People Drive

TransForm is excited to be sponsoring AB 1135.  Authored by Assemblymember Skinner, AB 1135 would require drivers to record their odometer reading every year when renewing a vehicle's registration.

This would allow California to finally be able to accurately track the amount of vehicle miles that Californians drive each year.  As a result, local, regional and state government would have the data needed to assess which transportation and land use strategies really reduce driving.

Transportation and planning agencies have been calling for data of this kind for years! 

Where's AB 1135 at? 

AB 1135 initially passed successfully out of the Assembly Transportation Committee. Due to the state's continuing budget deficit, AB 1135 was held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.  TransForm is continuing to work with Assemblymember Skinner to address implementation costs associated with AB 1135.

Contact Nick Caston for more information.