Santa Clara County Bus Rapid Transit

A reliable, comfortable, and convenient transportation option is coming to Santa Clara County

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is revolutionizing bus service around the world with its dedicated transit lanes, state-of-the-art buses, and rail-like stations. Now, Bus Rapid Transit is coming to Santa Clara County, with over 30 miles of BRT projects  planned along the Valley's most heavily utilized transit corridors.

TransForm is engaging community leaders and other stakeholders to ensure that BRT in the Valley provides a high quality transportation option while meeting community needs and improving safety for all users, including bicyclists and pedestrians.

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Benefits Bus Rapid Transit can bring to Santa Clara County 

  • Fast and frequent transit service: Each BRT line will operate at a minimum of ten minute frequencies and run at least 30% faster service than local buses. BRT vehicles will have traffic signal priority and dedicated bus lanes in some areas.
  • Fewer cars on the road and a lower carbon footprint: Local bus service running along the planned Alum Rock, El Camino, and Stevens Creek BRT corridors already serves one out of every five VTA bus riders, and BRT is expected to result in 40% more transit use along these routes. 4,555 metric tons of greenhouse gases will be removed annually just along the El Camino corridor due to a reduction in over 5,000 vehicles miles traveled per year.
  • Safer streets for pedestrians and cyclists: In areas where bus-only lanes are adopted, VTA can include pedestrian improvements such as bulb-outs (sidewalk extensions), additional signalized intersections, and bicycle safety improvements such as painted bike lanes.
  • Job creation and access: BRT has been shown to spur economic development and job growth, and VTA estimates that the El Camino Rapid could generate 4,780 jobs if exclusive bus lanes are pursued. Furthermore, BRT will speed up the commute for VTA’s existing transit riders, resulting in greater access to economic opportunity for all, including low-income families and students. 
  • Modern and innovative transit facilities: BRT will include more functional transit stations with real-time bus arrival information and ticket vending machines. New low-floor vehicles with diesel-electric hybrid technology will feature wireless internet access and comfortable seating configurations.

What we're doing to shape Bus Rapid Transit in Santa Clara County

  • TransForm is engaging businesses, neighborhood groups, and other stakeholders so that VTA's Bus Rapid Transit plans are truly rapid and integrate community preferences and priorities. 
  • We are also partnering with pedestrian and bicycle advocates to ensure that BRT plans integrate best practices in bicycle and pedestrian safety and that safe routes to the future BRT stations are planned for and financed. 

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