Program: Safe Routes to Transit (SR2T)

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The Safe Routes to Transit (SR2T) program addresses the barriers pedestrians and bicyclists face when taking transit in the San Francisco (SF) Bay Area. Managed by TransForm and Bike East Bay, the SR2T program began in 2005 and funds projects that provide important first and last mile solutions such as improving real and perceived safety.


The program aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase active transportation, reduce congestion, and improve real and perceived safety. To meet the requirements of the funding source, projects must provide connections to regional transit that reduces traffic across SF Bay Area bridges. Projects are given higher priority if they provide benefits to low-income and minority households and incorporate innovative design features that can be replicated regionally.

Cost & Financing: 

Funding for the five cycles comes from Regional Measure 2, the one-dollar bridge toll increase passed in 2004 to fund alternatives to driving across SF Bay Area bridges. As 2014 is the final cycle, similar bicycle and pedestrian projects will now compete for future funding from the OneBayArea Grant program.

Year Cycle Total Funding Number of Projects
2014 5 $4.8 million 14
2011 4 $4.1 million 8
2009 3 $4.2 million 11
2007 2 $3.6 million 9
2005 1 $3.8 million 11
  Total $20.5 million 53 Projects


The first four grant cycles funded 39 projects, including two new bicycle stations, the reconfiguration of 54 rail cars to accommodate bicycles, 68 bicycle lockers, and hundreds of miles of marked crosswalks, bulb-outs, bicycle routes, lanes, and trails. After 10 years of this separate funding, cities and transit agenices in the SF Bay Area are now regularly incorporating better walking and biking access to transit.

The Bay Area’s SR2T program influenced the San Diego region to adopt a SR2T policy in their Regional Transportation Plan and commit $700 million over 40 years. SANDAG’s SR2T program is not a grant program, but instead makes sure that the project scopes for that all transit expansions, and upgrades of existing facilities, have safe routes to get to the transit, bike parking at transit stations, and other ways to make walking and cycling safe and comfortable.

SR2T endorsed the BikeStation project at Downtown Berkeley BART, pictured above are the before and after photos.

Key Contacts: 

Name Organization Phone Number E-mail
Clarrissa Cabansagan TransForm (510) 740-3150 x333 [email protected]
Kenneth Kao MTC (510) 817-5768 [email protected]
Kathleen Ferrier CirculateSD (619) 544-9255 [email protected]

Clarrissa Cabansagan oversees the implementation of SR2T projects. Kenneth Kao is the fiscal agent managing fund allocations, reimbursements, and progress report requirements. Kathleen Ferrier is an advocate in the San Diego region that worked on incorporating a SR2T policy in SANDAG's RTP.

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Last Updated August 19, 2014 | Written By Mimi Tam