Garden Village: Berkeley, CA

Certification Status: Full Certification Awarded October 10, 2013

Developer: Nautilus Group

Location: 2201 Dwight Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

Description: Garden Village is a proposed cluster of 3-5 story buildings with 77 units (7 affordable, below market rate units) built with student living in mind. It is on the Southside of the UC Berkeley campus, conveniently located close to downtown Berkeley and great public transportation, including buses, university shuttles and BART's Richmond line.

The development will have zero parking for residents, but will feature a carshare program with free membership for all residents for 40 years, discounted EasyPasses from AC Transit for all residents who do not have a student ClassPass also for 40 years, and a digital travel concierge in the lobby to help residents get around without a car. Additionally, there will be a bike fix-it station with tools, each resident will get a $10 BikeLink card, and  2 bike storage hooks will be installed in each unit.

The units will be marketed toward residents looking for car-free housing. A property manager on-site will offer further travel support for car-free travel. Garden Village will collect and report data on vehicle ownership, transit us and carshare use annually. The rooftop will support an urban farm.

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