State Capitol
Bringing transportation choices and greater affordability across California.

TransForm opened a Sacramento office in 2009 to be a strong voice at the State Capitol and to unite advocates throughout California in our movement to redefine transportation in terms of access, health, justice, and sustainability

California is at a crossroads, with incredible opportunities for sweeping changes. From California's leadership on climate change to new signs that the State is starting to think differently about transportation, there are unprecedented opportunities for policy and funding wins. Read on to learn more about our statewide work.

State CapitolState Legislation and Funding

Championing policies that improve transit, make streets safer, and strengthen communities.





California is establishing itself as a global leader in the fight against climate change, creating jobs, improving public health, and building a dynamic, sustainable economy along the way.




Breaking down barriers to building more homes for all incomes near transit.




Transportation Equity Summit

Bringing together advocates from across California to learn, connect, strategize, and win change.