Climate Ride 2014

Climate Ride 2014 Team photo
Pedaling for the Planet

In 2014, ten riders each pedaled 250 miles to raise money for TransForm's efforts - and altogether raised more than $30,000! Thank you to everyone who got our team on the road and supported TransForm's work by donating.

Chris under the Golden GateJennifer West, TransForm GreenTRIP Policy Analyst: " the work I do at TransForm relates to transportation and land use policy. Our GreenTRIP certifications reduce traffic and greenhouse gas emissions in new multi-family residential housing. California is a real leader in policies to address climate change. But I know that we are not doing enough fast enough. That is what brings me to commit myself to doing this bike ride!"

Christopher Lepe, TransForm Senior Community Planner, Silicon Valley: "Two years ago when my wife and I visited her home country, the Philippines, we were blown away by the natural beauty and cultural richness of places like the islands of Palawan. Tragically, climate change has devastated this area of the Philippines, with some islands completely wiped out and whole fishing villages and their sustainable ways of life destroyed. We, the US, are the country responsible for roughly a quarter of global CO2 emissions even though we make up less than 5% of the global population. It is our obligation to act now, and that's why I'm taking part in this ride. 

Two carbon crushers on the roadClarrissa Cabansagan, TransForm Community Planner: "I am an advocate for walkable and bikeable communities; for public transit and affordable housing; and for putting transportation and housing dollars to work for the public good, inclusive of the voices of those they are intended to serve."

Stuart Cohen, TransForm Executive Director: "I'm riding because I'm excited that we can make our cities, our country and our planet healthier. The group I co-founded 17 years ago, TransForm, has become a leader in California on promoting walkable communities and world class public transit as important solutions -- transportation emits 38% of our carbon emissions. I'm also riding because I believe we can still prevent the worst impacts of climate change.  It just makes sense to invest now, to limit and prevent a future with more frequent floods and droughts."

biking through a vineyardRyan Wiggins, TransForm State Cap-and-Trade Campaign Manager: "I've been working on issues related to climate change and air pollution for years and for me it's about much more than just melting ice caps, threatened animals and habitats, and rising sea-levels. It's about more than the impacts of climate change that worsen air pollution and cause asthma, cancer, and other diseases. Confronting climate change allows us to define what we value now and in the future. It means protecting my favorite beaches and surf breaks, ensuring that there's snow pack so we can snowboard in winter and ride the runoff on our whitewater rafting trips to the Kern every summer."

Jenn Lavelle, TransForm Online Communications Manager: "I have been car-free for nearly four years, relying on my two wheels (biking), two legs (walking, or skipping) and public transit to get around. I've had some scary close calls on my bike and as a pedestrian. I really wish transit was more frequent and reliable. My hometown is being fracked and inundated with water pollution because of our dependence on dirty fossil fuels. The Bay Area, despite being a leader in environmental policy, has a real air quality problem. Despite all of this I know that we can make changes to protect our health and our planet. I am more motivated than ever to ignite those changes."

Clarrissa victory ride!Bianca Taylor, TransForm Communications Associate & Team Captain: "Although I have been hit by a car twice while riding my bike, I have never once stopped cycling. And although I'm only 23 years old, I can no longer count on two hands the number of friends and family I know who have been hit and injured while bicycling. It's a scary reality, and it needs to change. Making our cities and streets safer for biking not only saves lives, promotes health, alleviates traffic, and reduces the demand for can curb the effects of climate change that affect, and will continue to affect, our fragile planet."

Steven Dorst, TransForm Supporter: "As a member of the end of the Baby Boomer generation, the accident of the time of my birth placed me in a position of privilege. We had the world at our fingertips, our economy was growing leaps and bounds, and we as a society (mostly) had yet to realize the damage we were doing to this Earth through our profligate driving, consumption and sprawl. No generation since has enjoyed these circumstances, and none will."

carbon crusher riding up a hill

Dana Hoffman, PMC Planner & TransForm Supporter: " I love Biking! Why? I've been fortunate enough to be able to commute primarily by bike, transit, or carpool for my entire life! This means I've gotten to avoid traffic, get exercise, and pollute less. It also means I know from personal experience doing this is not always easy (and often not an option at all). Poor infrastructure, poor policy, and incomplete planning have denied so many people biking--which can bring more enjoyment and health to life while playing a critical role in reducing pollution and improving sustainability in our shared communities. We can change this!"

Sophie Kelmenson, Graduate Student & TransForm Supporter: "It is very clear that there are a host of issues affecting the health of our planet and economy. Right now, it is more important than ever to work toward a sustainable and green future. A great way that you can help do something meaningful, substantial, and concrete is to support my fundraising for Climate Ride. I'm riding more than 250 miles toward this effort and raising money for non-profit organizations that I really believe in."