Bay Area Local Jurisdictions Parking Technology Roundtable

Dec 8


10:00 am to 2:00 pm

New parking technologies offer advantages in implementing local parking policies and managing parking to improve our communities. Technology can be used to support parking information, payment, and enforcement systems. But the technologies are new and changing quickly, including both hardware and software innovations, making it challenging to determine how to proceed. 

This session is designed to share information, experiences, and questions among local jurisdictions, including cities, counties and transit agencies. This will be a roundtable format with scheduled presentations from several local cities that have recently evaluated and/or implemented various parking technologies, and plenty of time for questions, discussion and sharing of experiences from all the local jurisdictions.

GreenTRIP's Jennifer West will be presenting the GreenTRIP Parking Database as a new technology to support cities in planning updates and in right-sizing parking in new project approvals.

RSVP by Nov. 24 to Janice Richards at 

Space is limited: details will be provided to registrants 

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