Community Convening: Developing Neighborhood Support for New Housing:

May 23


8:30 am

This final 2019 Community Convening will wrap up a series focused on connecting with our communities about housing. We are now moving the focus to the project level. How do we successfully engage neighbors and build support for housing when it is being built in their neighborhood? Neighbors bring a wide range of beliefs, questions and concerns to these conversations. The Convening will focus on those, particularly those related to parking and congestion.

The first session - Bridging the Gap ... between the project and the neighborhood acknowledges that there is often some distance between what is proposed for new housing in a neighborhood and the neighborhood’s view on what is appropriate. We are pleased to have assembled an excellent group of presenters who are all experts in bridging these gaps. They will share their insights and experience developed through working directly with project-level decisions. Following their presentations, there will be a moderated question and answer session.

The second session - Creating Opportunities … for understanding by neighbors will feature a workshop focused on how to be sure that the language and material you use when you are reaching out to neighbors is inclusive and does create opportunities for understanding.


  • Vice Mayor Emily Beach, City of Burlingame
  • Elaine Breeze, Summerhill Apartment Communities
  • Ann Cheng, TransForm
  • Susan Clark, Common Knowledge
  • Rosanne Foust, SAMCEDA
  • Surlene Grant, ENVIROCOM Communications Strategies

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