How to get More Homes with Less Driving

Feb 6


6:30 pm

The Bay Area needs to build many more homes to address the housing affordability crisis, but we don’t want to worsen the climate crisis or our traffic challenges. You can advocate for affordable homes with great transportation options that will help make your community more healthy and connected.

Join us to:

  • Learn about the connections between housing affordability, traffic reduction, and climate change;
  • Hear how communities are planning and building in ways that reduce the need to drive
  • See how you can help make your community more walkable, affordable, and transit-friendly.
  • Learn about upcoming decisions in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara to help put solutions into practice.


  • Nina Rizzo manages GreenTRIP Certifications at TransForm. The GreenTRIP program supports multi-family residential developments that implement strategies to reduce traffic, parking, and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Jose Lujano, First Community Housing, an affordable housing developer that designs its projects so that residents can reduce their reliance on cars
  • Travis Duncan, Saris Regis, a developer of market-rate and mixed-income housing focusing on transit-rich locations

Co-sponsors: TransForm, Livable Sunnyvale, Santa Clara Community Advocates, Friends of Caltrain, Greenbelt Alliance, Catalyze SV

Date: February 6, 6:30pm-8pm

Location: Fair Oaks Room, 540 N Fair Oaks Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Click here to RSVP

  • 28 min walk from Sunnyvale Caltrain
  • 16 min ride from Caltrain on VTA Route 55

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