July 21 TransForum: Car-Free Adventures and Heroes

Co-Sponsored by Sports Basement, Walk San Francisco, City CarShare, Commonwealth Club, Peet's Coffee, Patagonia, and Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative

We’re bringing all you awesome transit riders, cyclists and pedestrians together to celebrate driving less and living more! 

We’re hosting a TransForum that’s all about sharing the joys and challenges of driving less.   We’ll hear from some fascinating speakers, recognize some car-free heroes, and then swap stories about the joys – and challenges – to driving less over wine and snacks.

We’ll also give away some great prizes and have a couple fun, interactive polls on car-free topics, like what do you think is the best place in the world for being car-free?  Plus, you should wear your favorite pro-bike/walk/transit t-shirt for our car-free t-shirt contest!

About our speakers: how far would you go to not drive a car or ride in a plane?

Barnali Ghosh and Anirvan Chatterjee traveled the world for a year without setting foot on a plane – including crossing the Pacific in a container ship!  They also took public transportation everywhere they went and researched the effects of climate change in different parts of the world – from Bangladesh to London.

Then there’s Justin Eichenlaub and Kelly Gregory.  They’re all about figuring out how to get to destinations that aren’t local but are within the state like Yosemite without a car.

Finally we have Aaron Ogle, with tales of why and how his family is living car-free.  His family has opted out of the supposed American dream of soccer moms and minivans to instead embrace jogging strollers and transit passes.

TransForums are just $5 to attend (and free for TransForm supporters at the $40 level).

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