Reimagining Urban Villages & Main Streets

Apr 29 to May 5


9:00 am to 1:30 pm

From April 29 – May 5, AARP will host an AARP Livable Communities Charrette to address livability in the City of San Jose. The Charrette will bring together community members, stakeholders, developers, and municipalities to creatively develop a plan for two communities: (1) Berryessa/BART Urban Village and (2) North 13th Street Business Corridor. We invite you to learn more about the charrette and make sure your voice is heard. A complete calendar of all events is available here.

About the AARP Livable Communities Charrette: Reimagining Urban Villages & Main Streets

What is a Livable Community?

AARP defines a livable community as one that is safe and secure, has appropriate and affordable housing and transportation options, and includes needed services and desirable features. A livable community is designed with all residents in mind, from young children to older adults who want to remain in their community as they age. To learn more about what makes a livable community visit

What is an AARP Livable Communities Charrette?

An AARP Livable Communities Charrette is a community driven design process that results in the production of an innovative and feasible solution that leverages existing resources and aligns with the communities’ values. Community engagement is the key component of the AARP Livable Communities Charrette process.

A “charrette” is a design term that refers to a rapid, intensive, and creative work session in which a design team focuses on a particular project(s). It brings together the community and all interested parties to develop a collaborative solution that takes a holistic approach to develop a viable plan with the expectation of implementation.

Why should I participate?

This is your community and you are the expert. This is a chance for you to be a part of creating positive change that impacts the growth of your community for years to come. We need your ideas, input, and feedback to ensure that the plan reflects your community’s values.

Why is AARP California participating?

AARP empowers people to choose how they live as they age. AARP California is AARP’s team that works on the ground, on behalf of the 3.3 million members in the state and those ages 50+, to bring this mission to life. AARP California, in collaboration with communities across the state, helps to make California’s counties, towns and cities great places to live for people of all ages. This includes supporting efforts to increase accessible and affordable housing options.



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