The 43rd Annual Urban Affairs Association Conference

Building the 21st Century City: Inclusion, Innovation, and Globalization

From racial and economic inequality to crime and inadequate housing, cities bear much of the brunt of society’s problems. However, discourse on urban areas has understated the relative success of certain cities in addressing many of these challenges. Taking San Francisco as an exemplary case, the 2013 Urban Affairs Association Conference will explore the ways in which governments, individual residents, neighborhood groups, non-profits, and others have improved urban areas across the globe.

The Urban Affairs Association holds a conference each spring in an urban center. These yearly conferences are an integral part of UAA’s efforts to increase knowledge about urban places and promote the development of research activities. They provide an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, information, and experiences. The conference program features both topics of institutional concern and those related to urban issues.

This year, TransForm's Chris Lepe will be joining a panel to discus Race, Inequality, and Struggles for Social Justice in Silicon Valley.  Don't miss this exciting opportunity to address the challenges of racial and economic diversity and inequality in Silicon Valley and practical policy interventions for some of Silicon Valley’s most pressing social justice issues.

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