What Happens When You Give Streets Back to People?

Mar 23


12:45 pm
Free and Open to the Public

Valet bicycle parking provided!


An accomplished public official, economist and administrator, Enrique Peñalosa completed his three-year term as Mayor of Bogotá, Colombia at the end of December 2000. While mayor, he was responsible for numerous initiatives to make the city more livable - especially for children - that included building hundreds of kilometers of protected sidewalks, bicycle paths, pedestrian streets, greenways and parks.

He received the Stockholm Challenge Award for organizing a Car-Free Day in 2000, banning car use throughout the entire city for one weekday in the year. He also removed 40% of cars during regular peak hours as part of the pico y plata license plate restriction program.

Peñalosa led efforts to improve Bogotá's marginal neighborhoods through citizen involvement; planted more than 100,000 trees; created a new, highly successful bus-based transit system; and turned a deteriorated downtown avenue into a dynamic pedestrian public space.

He helped transform the city's attitude from one of hopelessness to one of pride, developing a model for urban improvement based on all people having equal access to quality transportation, education and public spaces.


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