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Join us for upcoming trainings and presentations on GreenTRIP!

Upcoming Events:

  • 10/17/17:  UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium

GreenTRIP Program Director Ann Cheng will give a presentation entitled "Certifying the transportation benefits of green development: A case study from the GreenTRIP program" 

The UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium on the Transportation-Land Use-Environment Connection is an annual invitation-only retreat attended by 125 planners, policy-makers, senior policy analysts, business executives, elected officials, and university faculty from around the country. The symposium was founded as a retreat where cross-cutting planning and policy ideas spanning land use, transportation, and the environment could be discussed among a diverse group of public officials, practitioners, and experts. Speakers and attendees tell us that the opportunity for ample discussion among the attendees, both within the program and at group meals and during ample breaks, differentiate The Arrowhead Symposium from other events they’ve attended. This event is produced by the UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies and the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies. 

More information is available online:

Past Events:

  • 6/6/17:  SCAG Toolbox Tuesday Webinar

Webinar recording available here. 

"Using GreenTRIP Connect to Gain Community Support and Win Cap and Trade Funding for Transit Oriented Developments"

Climate Change continues to be one of the key challenges shaping housing and infrastructure policy in California. There is a growing demand for technological tools for developers, policy advocates, and government staff to measure and mitigate the climate impacts of their projects. GreenTRIP Connect is a free statewide tool that forecasts greenhouse gas and traffic reductions, parking savings and other features on a parcel by parcel basis depending on proposed project specifications. This webinar will demonstrate how GreenTRIP Connect can directly support projects and city policies to maximize competitiveness to the Affordable Housing Sustainable Communities (AHSC) portion Cap and Trade program.

In addition to a demonstration of the program, the webinar will also provide an overview of how GreenTRIP Connect was used to support a proposed redevelopment of the Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink station into a mixed use, multi-generation transit-oriented village. Finally, there will be a presentation on how parking data will soon be included in the GreenTRIP Parking Database and the basis for a parking model in Connect for Los Angeles. Hear how these tools can support his extensive efforts on revamping CEQA transportation thresholds for affordable housing and to develop a new Transportation Demand Management (TDM) ordinance.

Speakers include:

Ann Cheng, Program Director, GreenTRIP
Michael Dieden, President of Creative Housing Associates
David Somers, Mobility Planner, Los Angeles Department of City Planning

  • 3/8/17 - 3/10/17:  Housing California 2017 Annual Conference

Save the date for Housing California's Annual Conference on March 8-10, 2017. 

GreenTRIP Senior Program Manager Jennifer West will present on the panel "Is the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program Achieving Its Goals?"

GreenTRIP Planner Nina Rizzo will present on the panel "Parking - If you build it, will they come?"

More information online:

Building affordable homes and vibrant, inclusive neighborhoods

Where we live affects our health and well-being. Housing instability can mean choosing between food, healthcare, and rent; and homelessness can degrade someone's health at an astonishing rate. Housing and community development organizations are experts at building affordable homes and vibrant, inclusive neighborhoods that are essential to positive health outcomes, while health organizations work to improve our physical and mental health. These sectors have worked separately for decades, even when serving the same people and places. Let's bring them together and collaborate on how to purposefully improve health for all. 

  • 9/30/16:  2016 NPH Fall Conference: Building Opportunities

GreenTRIP Senior Program Manager, Jennifer West, presents on a panel about cap-and-trade funding and affordable homes at NPH's 2016 Fall Conference.

Session 1: 9:15 - 10:45am

Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities: Reflections and Predictions
With the second round funding awards for the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) program on the immediate horizon, it’s a good time to assess the process and the projects submitted this round and look ahead to potential changes coming in the next round of AHSC funding. This panel will incorporate a report from HCD, a sponsor’s experience of submitting for AHSC funds, a discussion of how GHG reduction impacts project competitiveness, and perspectives on the process of matching up your housing development with a transportation project in a way that makes for a competitive AHSC project.

Convener: Diana Downton, Community Economics, Inc.
Panel: Eugene Lee, CA Department of Housing and Community Development; Neil Saxby, Eden Housing; Orissa Rose-Price, Enterprise Community Partners; Jennifer West, TransForm
Track: Affordable Housing Development & Finance
Skill Level: All Skill Levels
Audience: Housing Development Staff, Local Government Staff

About the 2016 NPH Fall Conference:

The theme for this 37th annual NPH Fall Conference, Building Opportunities, reflects a shared goal to advance wins at the ballot box, in Sacramento, and in local communities across the Bay Area. The keynote plenary is focused on the three Bay Area counties taking initiative with local ballot measures to create homes and solutions this November. Ruth Bernstein of EMC Research will provide background on the landscape of public opinion on affordable housing and Supervisor Wilma Chan of Alameda County, Supervisor Dave Cortese of Santa Clara County and Supervisor Don Horsley of San Mateo County will share what the hows and whys for their respective counties, what they’ve learned so far and what it will take to win. The presenting workshops will draw from panel expertise and insight on solutions to our region’s housing crisis and how we can create affordable homes for diverse and thriving communities.

You can buy your ticket online.

  • 10/9/16 - 10/12/16: 2016 Rail~Volution Conference

Learn, grow and be inspired at the only transportation conference that showcases the link between land use, transit and development. This annual event brings together planners, community activists, transit officials, consultants, developers, lenders, grassroots organizations, academics, elected officials, health advocates and housing advocates to share the most cutting edge information in their fields. For over 20 years, these experts and innovators have come from hundreds of communities to engage in thoughtful discussions at the Rail~Volution conference, a place to explore ideas, breakthroughs, challenges and solutions for building livable communities with transit.

GreenTRIP Staff Jennifer West, Nina Rizzo, and David Beezer are hosting an exhibitor booth to demo the new GreenTRIP Connect tool - be sure to stop by! 

Learn more and register at:

Conference schedule:

  • 9/1/16:  SPUR San Jose Lunchtime Forum: "Taking Planning into Our Own Hands," 12:30pm - 1:30pm

GreenTRIP Connect is a powerful new tool that allows users to go online, select a parcel of land being considered for development, and instantly explore how much the driving and parking demand – and associated greenhouse gas emissions – go down by applying services like carsharing or affordable housing. Come learn more about the program and explore the tradeoffs that happen when planning our cities.

Ann Cheng will present alongside Kurt Anderson (Anderson Architects, Inc.), and Rosalynn Hughey (City of San Jose Planning, Building and Code Enforcement). This event is free and open to the public. You can visit SPUR Oakland's event page here

  • 8/25/16:  GreenTRIP Connect Training Webinar, 2pm - 3pm

After years of planning, researching, and collaboration, we're proud to announce the BETA release of a powerful and free new tool: GreenTRIP Connect. Whether you're a community advocate, city staffer, government official, or housing developer, this tool can help you achieve more affordable and sustainable housing for your city. Join us for a free webinar to learn more about the tool, and how it can be used.

You can view the video recording of this webinar

  • 7/26/16:  SPUR Oakland Panel: "Balancing Cities and Their Parking," 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Ann Cheng presented alongside Darin Ranelletti (City of Oakland Department of Planning), and Valerie Knepper (Metropolitan Transportation Commission, formerly) on progressive parking policies and GreenTRIP Connect. You can visit SPUR Oakland's event page and view their presentation slides

  • 5/7/16:  Let's Get Moving! 2016 Silicon Valley Transportation Choices and Healthy Communities Summit, 9:00am - 4:00pm

The Let’s Get Moving! Summit is back for its fourth year in Silicon Valley! Come be a part of this gathering of hundreds of community and business leaders, practitioners, policy makers, and advocates from Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. Whether you're a planning expert, a student who rides the bus, or someone who cares about the future of this region, there's a place for you at our Summit. GreenTRIP Program Director Ann Cheng will lead a training session on the GreenTRIP Connect tool. Please view more details on the event page here.

  • 5/16 - 5/17/16: Transportation Summit & Advocacy Day By TransForm & California Bicycle Coalition, Sacramento Central Library

2016 can be the year for equity in transportation, but we need you to be part of the change! Join us as we gather together to discuss, learn, and send a signal to California’s leaders that we want real choices and real change for all of our communities. 

The California Transportation Equity Summit is where this happens. Join us for the Summit from 12:00-5:00PM on Monday May 16, with an evening reception until 7:00PM. We are also hosting an optional Advocacy Day on Tuesday May 17. Please view more details on the event page here.

  • 5/19/16: Housing 2.0: Reimagining the Housing System in Silicon Valley, 11:00 am - 6:30 pm

The GreenTRIP Team will be demoing GreenTRIP Connect at the Housing 2.0 Symposium at San Jose City Hall Rotunda + Plaza. Learn more about this conference here and RSVP via Eventbrite

  • 4/12 - 4/14/16: Housing California 2016 Annual Conference, Sacramento Convention Center

Title: Climate and Housing: New Technology, Tools, and Research to Help with Development and Advocacy

Date/Time: Thursday, April 14 9 - 10:30am. Please view more details on the event page here

Location: Housing California Conference, Sacramento Convention Center, 1400 J Street

TransForm Executive Director Stuart Cohen is the moderator for this workshop, and GreenTRIP Policy Analyst Jennifer West is a panelist. This workshop will give an overview of the GreenTRIP Connect Tool which can forecast greenhouse gas reductions, parking savings, and other features on a parcel-by-parcel basis, depending on proposed project specifications. We will look at the Urban Displacement Map produced by University of California, Berkeley’s Urban Displacement Project and their research around the link between displacement and greenhouse gas emissions. We will also investigate the Climate Benefits Map that shows all of the current investments from Cap and Trade and their impacts. Lastly, we will discuss the Jobs Housing Fit modeling that has been conducted by Chris Benner from University of California, Davis and Alex Karner from Georgia Institute of Technology that demonstrates how the link between low wage jobs and affordable development impacts climate change.

Title: AHSC in 2016: Strategies for Success

Date/Time: Thursday, April 14 10:45am - 12:15pm. Please view more details on the event page here

Location: Housing California Conference, Sacramento Convention Center, 1400 J Street

GreenTRIP Policy Analyst Jennifer West is a panelist at this workshop. The inaugural round of the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program brought many complexities that had never been attempted through traditional financing programs. The program requires high levels of coordination with transportation, local government, and affordable developer partners, and leveraging countless unfamiliar programs. Using examples from the field, this workshop presents the in’s and out’s of applying for Cap and Trade funding in the highly revised 2016 program. Come learn how to bring it all together and address program complexities for a successful application.

  • 4/28/15: 2015 Housing California Annual Conference, Sacramento Convention Center 

Title: Emerging Research on Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Car Use in Location Efficient Affordable Homes Policy and the Law Intermediate

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 28 10 - 11:30am. Please view more details on the event page here

Location: Housing California Conference, Sacramento Convention Center, 1400 J Street

GreenTRIP Program Director Ann Cheng is a panelist on this workshop and will share new research projects that show how housing that is affordable to lower income households located in places that provide access to jobs and services and transportation options can lower household car use and car ownership and, as a result, reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • 4/13 - 4/14/15 Bay Area Regional Prosperity Plan Conference, Oakland Asian Cultural Center

The GreenTRIP Team is attending the Bay Area Regional Prosperity Plan Conference  and will participate in the poster session featuring our GreenTRIP Parking Database. Learn more about this conference here and RSVP via Eventbrite

  • 1/28/15 GreenTRIP Platinum Launch in San Jose, SP2 Communal Bar + Restaurant

View photos of those who helped us launch the GreenTRIP Platinum Certification! View Ann Cheng and Stuart Cohen’s presentations on Platinum Certification and the GreenTRIP Connect ToolWatch the video of the Launch presentation with San Jose Mayor Liccardo providing a welcome address. 

Event Handouts:

1)    What is GreenTRIP?  - 2 pages

2)    Impacts of GreenTRIP Projects - 4 pages 

3)    The Story of Garden Village our first GreenTRIP Certified Zero Parking and Platinum Project - 2 pages

4)    GreenTRIP Certification How-To-Guide - 16 pages

5)    GreenTRIP Certification Application Form – 2 page Google form

6)    What is GreenTRIP Connect? - 2 pages

7)    GreenTRIP Connect Call for Founding Sponsors - 1 page

8)    GreenTRIP Parking Database

  • 12/8/14  MTC Regional Parking Technology Roundtable, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Jennifer West will be presenting on the GreenTRIP Parking Database. Please see the event flyer for more information, and RSVP to MTC for further details on the event.

  • 11/18/14 Solutions 2014: National Conference on State and Local Housing Policy, Oakland

Title: Inclusive Transit Communities - Promising Strategies

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Regions around the country are expanding rail transit networks and emphasizing transit-oriented development (TOD) around existing and new transit lines. While these policies can reduce car use and deliver other important benefits, they also can increase market pressures on rental housing near transit threatening long-term affordability for low and moderate income households who are most likely to use transit. This session will describe a handful of new strategies that are supporting preservation and development of affordable housing near transit in California. Panelists will discuss: (1) new research that is helping make the case for inclusive TOD; 2) mapping efforts that are guiding the preservation of affordable housing near transit; 3) community planning efforts that promote inclusive development; (4) innovative parking and on-site transportation programs that reduce developments costs; and (5) recent, successful site development strategies.

GreenTRIP Director Ann Cheng will be presenting. For more information, click here.

  • 10/9/2014 SPUR San Jose Panel: Is Anyone Using that Parking Space?, San Jose 

$5 for non-members. SPUR Members free. More information here.

Slides from Ann's presentation are available as well.

  • 10/3/2014 Non-Profit Housing Association Annual Conference: Cap-and-Trade 2014 and Beyond, San Francisco

Stuart Cohen presented on TransForm and GreenTRIP's innovative research agenda and effects on Cap & Trade Revenue. More information here

  • 9/23/2014 Rail~Volution National Conference, Minneapolis 

Space Exploration: Innovative Parking Tools + Strategies and other presentations with TransFormers. Come visit our parking database demo booth at the conference! Learn more about the the conference here. See Jennifer West's presentation slides here

  • 9/18/2014 Webinar: Presenting the New GreenTRIP Parking Database, 1:00 pm PDT

Free, but RSVP required. Registration link here.  

This presentation will show users how to use the database to shape developments that minimize excess parking, and maximize benefits for people and the community.

Slides from the Webinar are available.

  • 8/27/14 Growth Without Gridlock, Sunnyvale 

​Ann Cheng presented along with other regional experts on Peninsula Transportation Alternatives. More information here with video and slides. Ann Cheng's presentation begins at approximately minute 38.

Slides from Ann's presentation are available.