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There are two statuses of certified projects:

  1. Conditionally Certified: Meets GreenTRIP certification standards but has not yet received city entitlements locking in GreenTRIP project attributes (density, location, and traffic reduction strategies).

  2. Fully Certified: Project has received city entitlements that include GreenTRIP project attributes (density, location, and traffic reduction strategies).

There are five types of GreenTRIP certification:

  1. Standard Certification: Standard Certification is the foundation of the program and has brought great results to more than 30 developments. Depending on the place type, projects with standard certification meet requirements for maximum parking, maximum traffic, and commitments to our three standard traffic reduction strategies (free transit passes, free carshare memberships, and unbundled parking). See below to learn more about these projects and their collective impact on reducing driving, ghgs and transportation costs for residents.

  2. Platinum Certification: The platinum level rewards developers who provide even more innovative transportation choices and support for residents to drive less, own fewer vehicles and save more. With a growing number of regional and state funding programs focused on greenhouse gas reductions, platinum-certified buildings will have a stronger chance of attracting funding to support innovation and greater levels of affordability. 

  3. Zero Parking Certification: For projects that do not have any private vehicle parking (on-site spaces for carsharing are allowed). 

  4. Existing Certification: For developers who are already meeting a certification level, or who work with us to add trip reduction strategies so the building can qualify.

  5. Portfolio Certification: For visionary developers whose current portfolio of projects meets GreenTRIP standards, and who commits that future proposals will too.