Quetzal Gardens

Certification Status: Full certification awarded on June 14, 2017.

Developer: Resources for Community Development

Location: 1695 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose

Quetzal Gardens will bring 71 units of affordable housing to East San Jose, directly adjacent to the upcoming Alum Rock/Santa Clara Bus Rapid Transit line. Our evaluation demonstrates that the project meets GreenTRIP standards for certification with a household driving projection of only 23 miles per day and a low parking ratio of 0.96 spaces per unit. For our Standard Certification, we require Quetzal Gardens to implement at least one Traffic Reduction Strategy. Unbundled parking is one of these strategies, but federal financing rules prohibit unbundled parking at some affordable housing sites. GreenTRIP is waiving this requirement for Quetzal Gardens given its very low parking ratio and 100% affordable units. Residents of affordable homes tend to take transit, drive less, and own fewer cars. Because of these reasons, and the project's close proximity to jobs, services, and transit, future residents at Quetzal Gardens are predicted to drive 54% less than the Bay Area regional average, and produce 46% less greenhouse gases.

View the GreenTRIP Project Evaluation Report 

View the letter of GreenTRIP Conditional Certification