About the Data

The data shown in the GreenTRIP Parking Database comes from multiple sources. 

Most of the data about each site was collected using a survey form developed by TransForm’s GreenTRIP team. Property managers and Developer/Owner staff completed the survey form with some assistance from our data collectors when needed. Data collectors gathered parking use data by counting cars occupying spaces between 12:00 am and 5:00 am on a weekday night – the peak time for residential parking. CNT developed and provided the Transit Access Score. 

TransForm’s data collectors worked with each site’s property management to understand the nuances of parking at that location, and to access their parking garages and lots following our data collection methodology. All parking use counts were checked for quality, but in some cases there are missing data. In some cases we had to interpret the data and make some minor edits to the data in cases where the developer or property manager filling out the form didn’t have the right understanding of the question.  We welcome any corrections particularly from developers regarding their projects.

Please send any comments to Jennifer West or fill out this response form to give input.

Most of the sites included in the 2014 data collection also have parking layout maps and photo documentation available to allow for third party count verification and to provide greater detail about a site if needed.

For reference there is other data was provided by MTC, ABAG, and individual transit agencies. The table below indicates some sources for the data.

Data Source
Building report data fields Data form completed by Property Manager
Transit Access Score CNT
Car share locations TransForm, City CarShare, Zipcar website
Subregion boundaries TransForm
Priority Development Area boundaries ABAG, MTC
Transit routes, stops, and frequencies

Transit agencies, GTFS

Bulk Purchase transit pass purchase locations VTA, AC Transit

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