10/29/2011: Statement of Solidarity with Occupy Oakland/Wall Street

As an organization that deeply values social justice, TransForm stands in solidarity with those who speak out against inequality and organize for change.

The Occupy Movement in Oakland and across the country represents deep frustration and anger over increasing inequality.  We see this inequality in the crumbling infrastructure in our neighborhoods and cuts to our public transportation.

We need good jobs, quality education, accessible health care, clean air, and affordable homes in great communities linked by world-class public transportation.  We need to transform our society.

As an organization that works for change, we treasure our inalienable rights to free speech and peaceful assembly. From our offices across the street, we have seen first-hand the peaceful movement of Occupy Oakland.   We were outraged by the police violence used on non-violent protesters this week and believe the 99% must be allowed to assemble.  

We must stand together to ensure a powerful movement for economic justice is heard.

In solidarity,

Stuart Cohen, Executive Director
Jeff Hobson, Deputy Director