11/19/2012: New Momentum for Climate Emissions Reductions, Health, and Transportation

New Momentum for Climate Emissions Reductions,
Health, and Transportation

Court Ruling and Cap-and-Trade Sale Signal Need for
Expanded Transportation Choices in California

Joshua Stark, State Campaign Director
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November 19, 2012

Sacramento and San Diego – Two major announcements regarding the state’s climate change
policies are generating new momentum for expanding transportation choices in California.
San Diego must do more to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation, the County
Superior Court said in a tentative ruling Friday.

The Court found that the San Diego region must do more to reduce GHG emissions in their regional
transportation plan, which fails to meet the state’s long-term GHG reduction targets. The full court
ruling is available here: http://t.co/CzUYNQr

Subsequently, the California Air Resources Board will announce today at noon how much revenue was
raised by the first-ever auction of GHG pollution permits last week. Details will be released here:

The state’s new cap-and-trade program is expected to raise billions of dollars, which will be spent on
programs to combat climate change. The transportation sector generates over 40% of GHG emissions
in California, making it the single largest contributor to GHG emissions.

“Huge savings for all are within reach if we harness the potential of California’s new climate change
policies and make it easier for families to drive less,” said Joshua Stark, State Campaign Director for
TransForm. “Legislators should help us get the biggest bang for the buck by making sure that cap-and-trade revenues provide significant funding for public transportation, walking, biking, and affordable housing near transit.”

California can most effectively tackle our GHG emissions problem by creating more efficient neighborhoods that put housing, jobs, shops and services closer together and offer a range of transportation options.

A report by TransForm shows that this strategy can save households over $3,000 per year on transportation costs – providing a win-win situation for the economy and the

See maps and fact sheet for:
Greater Los Angeles
San Diego County
Sacramento Region
The Bay Area

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