4/21/2010: TransForm Comments on Bay Area SB 375 Kick-Off

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Oakland, CA – Tomorrow, Thursday April 22, 2010, leaders from local governments around the Bay Area are coming together to kick-off the Bay Area’s first Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) process. ABAG and MTC have convened the event (http://www.abag.ca.gov/events/ga/).  The SCS process implements California’s landmark law, SB 375, which calls for regions across the state to meet global warming pollution reduction targets through coordinated transportation, land use, and housing plans and investments.

Following are statements from Stuart Cohen, TransForm's Executive Director:

"By reducing public and private transportation costs and increasing revenues to local governments, SB 375 can help put dollars back into the pockets of consumers and local governments.

“Our recent study, Windfall For All: How Connected, Convenient Neighborhoods Can Protect Our Climate And Safeguard California’s Economy, found that Bay Area residents who have access to the best public transportation options are not only emitting far fewer greenhouse gas emissions on average, they are also spending billions less on transportation than residents who live in communities where public transportation is scarce.  We found that if all Bay Area residents lived in transportation-friendly communities, there would be a combined $10.7 billion per year in transportation costs savings for households. And Bay Area residents would be emitting an average of 42 percent less greenhouse gases.

“At this time of urgent budget shortfalls at the local level, elected officials have a huge chance to embrace more efficient development. Sprawling growth connected by billion dollar highways requires taxpayers to spend too much on infrastructure, developers to spend too much on parking, and worst of all, residents to spend nearly 20% of their income to get from place A to place B.”

The report includes Bay Area-specific findings as well as findings from the Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego Regions. It also includes case studies of diverse communities including Windsor and Marin County that are putting smart growth policies into practice, with notable results.

Find the full report at: www.transformca.org/windfall-for-all

TransForm (formerly the Transportation and Land Use Coalition) works to create world-class public transportation and walkable communities in the Bay Area and beyond. TransForm builds diverse coalitions, influences policy, and develops innovate programs to improve the lives of all people and protect the environment.

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