4700 Telegraph Ave: Oakland, CA

4700 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA

Certification Status: Conditional Certification Awarded May 5, 2015. Full Platinum Certification Awarded July 1, 2015 upon conditional use permit approval. First GreenTRIP Certified Project in Oakland and First GreenTRIP Platinum project. 

Developer: Nautilus Group, Inc

Location: 4700 Telegraph Ave. Oakand, CA

Description: 4700 Telegraph Ave. will be our first GreenTRIP Certified Project in Oakland and also the first project to meet our Platinum Certification standards in the region. The site is in the Temescal District, one of the Bay Area’s most transit-accessible neighborhoods with the 1/1R bus route running along the major Telegraph Ave. commercial corridor and MacArthur BART within a 15 minute walk. Platinum Certification recognizes developers who provide even more innovative transportation choices at a level that goes significantly beyond our Standard Certification criteria of three traffic reduction strategies: transit passes, carshare memberships, and unbundled parking. 

4700 Telegraph Ave meets GreenTRIP’s high standards for Platinum Certification with only 15 daily vehicle miles per household projected, a proposed parking ratio of 0.5 residential spaces per unit, and the provision of traffic reduction strategies such as two annual bulk discount AC Transit EasyPasses per unit for 40 years, one on-site carshare vehicle, $100 in driving credit to each resident, and 48 bike parking spaces in a secured room. In anticipation of Bay Area Bike Share expansion to the East Bay, Nautilus Group will coodinate with the bikeshare provider and the City of Oakland to ensure that a pod is located in close proximity and will provide one annual bikeshare membership per unit to incentivize use. 

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