8/7/2013: TransForm statement on legal challenge to Plan Bay Area


Shannon Tracey
[email protected]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, August 7, 2013

TransForm statement on legal challenge
to Plan Bay Area

Oakland, CA -- In response to the legal challenge to Plan Bay Area filed yesterday by the Pacific Legal Foundation on behalf of Bay Area Citizens, TransForm transportation advocate Clarrissa Cabansagan issued the following statement:

“Plan Bay Area is a strong step towards better health, cleaner air, and more choices for all Bay Area residents.  While we too have our complaints about the final plan, we’re disappointed that a small group of people would try to hold the whole region’s future hostage with their discontent. 

“Plan Bay Area increases choices for future residents by addressing a well-documented undersupply of walkable urban housing, prioritizing new development in centers like San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland.  Contrary to the petitioners’ claims, Plan Bay Area includes housing of all types, including hundreds of thousands of new single family homes throughout the region. 

“There’s no way that planning future housing for 2 million new people in this way would restrict travel options or depress home values for current residents of Larkspur and other suburban communities. 

“Compared with previous regional plans, this plan does more to support new homes close to jobs with great access to transit, protect our open spaces and farms, boost the amount of daily walking or biking, and significantly reduce the number of premature deaths from exposure to air pollutants.”

“After years of public input and community outreach, it’s disingenuous at best for 100 people to complain that eleventh-hour attempts to derail the plan were not adequately considered.  We stand by Plan Bay Area and the thousands of people whose opinions and values helped shaped this regional blueprint for a better future.” 

For more on SB 375 and efforts to curb climate pollution through regional planning, see TransForm’s factsheet here: /sites/default/files/TRANSFORM-SB375-fact-sheet_0.pdf.