Bay Area

Golden Gate Bridge
Creating a model region.

TransForm got our start in the Bay Area and much of our work today still focuses on making the region a model.

We think the Bay Area is the perfect testing ground for solutions that will bring more affordable places with abundant transportation choices to life. We’re proud of the many “firsts” we’ve proposed and won in the Bay Area, which we are bringing to other regions, too.

Read on to learn about the campaigns and programs we lead that are based in the Bay Area. We hope you’ll get involved in an issue that affects you or your community.


Breaking down barriers to building more homes for all incomes near transit.





Save BART!

Making sure BART is fast, frequent, reliable, and affordable.



 Shared Mobility

Expanding people's access to transportation choices through technology. 



FAST Express Lanes

Better use of our existing roads could reduce traffic and increase transportation choices.


Key Funding Measures

Local ballot measures could yield billions in transportation dollars if passed by Bay Area voters. 



Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects in the East Bay and South Bay can start a public transportation revolution.



SR2SSafe Routes to Schools (SR2S)

Getting the next generation walking, biking, and riding transit as a way of life.



people biking in a protected laneSafe Routes to Transit

Local projects make getting to public transportation on foot or bike safer and easier.



You can also read about our state-level work on issues that impact all of California.