Disrupting Inequity

We believe that emerging mobility technologies present an unprecedented opportunity to lift up those who have been left out in the past.

The shortcomings of our current transportation system fall too heavily on low-income people and communities of color, who often also suffer the worst impacts of climate pollution.

As new technologies disrupt the transportation sector, they could help close the transportation equity gap — but early signs suggest they could actually widen it. We outlined both possibilities in our report, A Framework for Equity in New Mobility, along with recommendations to ensure innovation does more good than harm.

Shared-use technology, automation, electrification, and other innovations have the potential to cut travel times, reduce climate and air pollution and private vehicle ownership, and improve safety IF they are accessible to all and focused on shared uses. New technology can also complement public transit instead of just undermining it, resulting in a more dynamic and sustainable transportation system overall.

With autonomous vehicles about to accelerate change, we have a window of opportunity to steer this disruption in the right direction, and we need to act fast.

See our 2020 priorities for Disrupting Inequity, or read on to learn about our current work. 

Focusing on Equity in New Mobility

We lead regional outreach and advocacy efforts to highlight the needs of low-income residents so that shared mobility services fill the gaps in our transportation system.



Transportation Equity in East Oakland

A three-year public-private partnership will bring to life community-identified new mobility projects and programs to serve residents of deep East Oakland.


Optimizing our Highways 

Better use of existing roads and new technologies could reduce traffic and increase sustainable transportation choices.


Mobility Hubs at Affordable Housing Pilot 

We’re piloting an exciting new approach to offer shared solar electric vehicles and bikes, charging stations, and a host of other options at three affordable housing developments in the Bay Area.


Shaping the Future of Transportation

We’re shaping the future of transportation today with cutting-edge pilot projects, research, and collaborations to focus new mobility innovation on access and fairness.