We all want to live in vibrant, affordable communities where we can easily get to our favorite places.

Cities are looking to build more homes, attract business, reduce traffic and climate pollution, and protect open space. Yet outdated city codes often stand in the way. Developers are forced to build large, expensive parking lots — even near transit and downtowns. This makes homes more expensive and harder to build. Neighbors often block new development over anticipated traffic. Spending millions of dollars on parking takes away funding – and space – for the things that make our communities great.

GreenTRIP is Changing the Paradigm for New Development

TransForm launched the innovative GreenTRIP certification program in 2008 to make our communities healthier and more affordable places to live, work, and get around. GreenTRIP staff work with cities, developers, and your community to design projects that include strategies like free transit passes and carsharing, to reduce driving and prioritize space for people instead of parking.

GreenTRIP strategies save residents money, increase transit ridership, reduce local traffic, pollution and carbon emissions, and make streets safer for everyone. Homes can be produced for a broader mix of incomes, including more dedicated affordable homes. GreenTRIP started in the Bay Area, but is now developing partnerships, conducting empirical research, and building tools that can support affordable and vibrant communities throughout California.  


GreenTRIP Certification 
GreenTRIP staff work with developers, cities and community advocates to shape great developments, then builds community support with a certification that clearly outlines the project’s benefits. GreenTRIP has certified over 50 projects across the Bay Area. 


GreenTRIP Connect
Connect is a free online tool for community members, city staff and multifamily developers. Instantly calculate the reductions in cost, driving, and greenhouse gas emissions that multi-family developments can achieve by choosing smart locations, right-sizing parking, building affordable units, and employing traffic reduction strategies.

GreenTRIP Policy Adoptions
View our growing list of cities and transit agencies that encourage or require GreenTRIP Certification.


GreenTRIP Parking Database
Our free Parking Database provides empirical data to help communities understand the costs of excessive parking and make smarter decisions about parking requirements for new residential development.

GreenTRIP Research
GreenTRIP is conducting statewide research that quantifies the benefits of traffic reduction strategies and building affordable homes.



GreenTRIP Benefits and Stories
Read how GreenTRIP directly benefits families, cities and transit agencies, while transforming cities into healthier and more affordable places.


About GreenTRIP
GreenTRIP’s team and expert advisory committee represent diverse, influential change makers. Get to know our team, read our resources and reports, and check out upcoming events.




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