GreenTRIP Certification

Helping create and support outstanding low-traffic residential and mixed-use developments.

TransForm launched GreenTRIP Certification in 2008 to support multifamily projects that apply strategies to reduce traffic, excessive parking and greenhouse gas emissions. 

GreenTRIP helps developers identify effective traffic reduction strategies such as free transit passes for all residents, access and driving credit to car sharing services, and “unbundling” the price of parking from rent, so those without a vehicle can save even more. GreenTRIP staff collect data and conduct transportation modeling to show how a project can dramatically reduce the amount of parking and driving. Right-sized parking allows both the actual space and financial capacity to provide more community benefits on-site, such as green space, a childcare center, or more affordable units. 

If a multifamily project meets Certification requirements, staff create clear communications materials that showcase its transportation and climate benefits. 

Since its launch, GreenTRIP has obtained commitments for 280,000 years of new transit passes and space for over 9,130 new homes (see brochure of GreenTRIP impacts). 

GreenTRIP Certification reduces transportation and living costs for residents, makes walking and biking safer for neighbors and families, and helps preserve precious open space in a vibrant urban environment.  

To learn more, read our two-page summary of "What is GreenTRIP?" and review this step-by-step GreenTRIP Certification "How-to Guide."

If you are interested in certifying your project, please email [email protected]


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