How the funding works

Photo Credit: Brandon Matthews
Enacting California's vision for cap-and-trade auction funds

Each year, state agencies invest cap-and-trade auction proceeds in communities throughout California via the California Climate Investments Program (CCIP, formerly the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund or GGRF).  Per the funding plan adopted in the 2014 budget, the funding flows through three main channels into numerous programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and improve the economy, health, and equity in California communities.  The programs with continuous allocations - the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program, the Low Carbon Transit Operations Program, the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program, and High Speed Rail - will continue to receive funding each year. These programs together account for 60% of annual cap-and-trade proceeds. The remaining 40% will be allocated by the Legislature. In early January the Governor released his budget proposal which included his vision for allocating this portion as part of the 2016-2017 budget. The legislature will consider this proposal and craft its own this spring.

TransForm – along with our partners in the Sustainable Communities for All Coalition – is focused primarily on five key program areas (in bold below).  Click on any of our five priority programs for more information, or visit the Air Resources Board website for further details on all program areas.

Transportation and Sustainable Communities

Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency

  • Low-Income Weatherization Program
  • Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings
  • Dairy Digesters and Research Development
  • State Water Energy Efficiency Program
  • Water-Energy Efficiency

Natural Resources and Waste Diversion

  • Wetlands and Watershed Restoration
  • Urban Forestry, Forest Health Restoration, and Reforestation
  • Waste Diversion

*Many CCIP programs have one or more sub-programs not listed here.  More detail can be found on the ARB website.

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