Land Use & Affordable Homes

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All Californians should be able to live in wonderful places with safe, abundant options to get where they need to go.

Whether or not we achieve this is shaped by our land use decisions and the supply of affordable homes near transit. 

That’s why TransForm is working in a range of ways, from getting local models in place that show people what’s possible to advocating for entire regional plans to be stronger.

So much is at stake. It’s become far too expensive for many people to live in places with good public transportation. As a result, families are going in search of more affordability only to have grueling, costly commutes. This not only tears at our social fabric, but adds to California’s biggest greenhouse gas contributor: transportation.

Explore our different campaigns and programs below to learn more and get involved:


Breaking down barriers to building more homes for all incomes near transit.




The Sustainable Communities for All Coalition is helping California lead the way on climate protection.



State CapitolState Legislation and Funding

Championing policies that improve transit, make streets safer, and strengthen communities.