Local Planning

Engaging residents in creating great communities near public transportation.

We Need More Affordable, Walkable Places in the Bay Area

The Bay Area is home to many walkable, bikeable places with good public transportation – but not enough. And these are becoming too expensive for most people to live in. 

But we can create an abundance of great communities by involving a wide range of people in local planning. That's because when planning genuinely involves residents in shaping their common future, amazing things can happen.  We don’t just get plans for more houses, apartments, and condos. 

Great communities create spaces for parks and playgrounds, childcare centers, safer streets and gathering places. We support local businesses and celebrate cultural diversity. We fight displacement and build community in the truest sense of the word. And together, an abundance of great communities will make the entire region more livable and sustainable.

Working in Key Places to Bring Great Communities to Life 

Dozens of Bay Area cities have identified neighborhoods where they want to refocus growth around existing downtowns and transit corridors.  These areas offer a huge chance to create great communities throughout the region.

That’s why since 2006, TransForm has engaged residents – especially low-income people and people of color – in shaping key local planning processes and bringing these plans to life. Many of our efforts are as part of the Great Communities Collaborative, which TransForm co-founded.  

TransForm is also working to be sure cities and transit agencies like BART, VTA, and Muni put policies and funding in place that support creating great communities near public transportation. In Oakland, we are leading efforts to fight displacement and protect people's rights to affordable housing and transportation. 

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