March 9, 2017

One thing we’ve learned in the past several months is that we can’t take anything for granted — even in California. All of our state’s progressive policies to fight climate change, protect immigrants and their families, and keep public transportation up and running are a reality because people fight to make them so.

The federal government’s move last month to withhold money for Caltrain electrification was a wake up call, and it may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Are you ready to work together to make California a leader in transportation equity? If your answer is YES, please join us for the Transportation Equity Summit and Advocacy Day in Sacramento on April 24-25. You’ll meet other advocates from across the state and strategize together to fight for important bills on transportation, housing, and environmental justice that are moving through the Capitol now.

Early bird registration is now open, but don’t wait — prices go up on March 24th.

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Two weeks ago, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao sent shockwaves through California when she delayed a $647 million federal grant for Caltrain electrification. The project would modernize Caltrain to provide faster, cleaner, more frequent service through Silicon Valley, an economic engine for the state and the nation. It would also create 9,600 jobs across the United States. Now the issue is getting national attention, with a New York Times article out this week.

President Trump says he wants to build infrastructure and create jobs, but this delay does just the opposite. Please sign Caltrain’s petition on asking Trump to approve the grant. And if you can do more, here are other ways you can help.

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TransForm is seeking two experienced consultants to support our development team during our 20th anniversary year. We are looking for two consultants:

Please share these widely with your networks, and if you have what it takes to be a part of this celebratory time in TransForm’s history, apply today!

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East Bay Gives, a 24-hour online giving day, is happening on Thursday, May 4. And this year it’s extra special, because we’re celebrating our 20th birthday.

Making a gift on May 4 is an opportunity for you to say: “I stand for equitable and affordable transportation and housing choices! I want 20 more years of TransForm!” Your gift gives us the flexibility to work on the issues that really matter to you — helping improve public transportation, reducing traffic, and making our cities more affordable.

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This month we are thrilled to welcome back our beloved colleague, Joël Ramos, from his 12-week sabbatical. This well-deserved break was an opportunity to honor Joël’s incredible work with TransForm for more than 10 years, help him recharge, and empower other staff members to take the lead on regional advocacy. Joël spent most of his time in Australia, where he fell in love with Melbourne’s fantastic public transit system. He returns to TransForm refreshed and ready to hit the ground running on the important work we’re doing throughout the Bay Area.

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Since TransForm helped establish the Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities (AHSC) program three years ago, nearly $500 million has been invested in affordable homes near transit as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In 2016, our GreenTRIP team helped fourteen projects win $180 million of this funding. Read our new blog post to learn how this visionary program was made possible, and how our team helps projects meet the requirements to win awards.

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Richmond is the latest city to formally commit to building housing for people not cars. Richmond's new zoning code encourages all future multi-family developments to become GreenTRIP-certified in order to reduce parking, connect residents to public transportation, and lower the combined cost of housing and transportation. Richmond joins the growing list of cities and agencies that are encouraging GreenTRIP Certification or equivalent strategies for their projects, including BART, Emeryville, and Sunnyvale.

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