More Homes, Less Driving

Everyone should have an affordable place to call home with easy access to jobs, schools, services, and community

This is especially true for low-income people and communities of color at risk of displacement. But housing costs are sky high. Cars and buses alike are stuck in traffic that drives climate change. Housing and economic policies have codified inequity and exclusion. These problems are connected.

  • High housing costs displace low-income transit riders from urban centers to suburbs, causing longer, more expensive, polluting commutes that make traffic worse.
  • Outdated requirements to overbuild parking increases construction costs, decreases the space to provide more homes, and results in more car use and traffic.
  • Parking and traffic concerns fuel neighborhood opposition to new housing developments, perpetuating racial and economic exclusion.

TransForm has proved we can overcome these barriers with pilot projects and partnerships like GreenTRIP, the Great Communities Collaborative, and the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program. Since our founding in 1997, we have made the connection between affordable homes and transit because we’ll only get healthy and connected communities if we solve for these issues simultaneously.

We’ve learned a lot about what works at the local and regional levels, and we are scaling solutions to match the magnitude of the problems.


Creating a new housing paradigm that maximizes space for homes, right-sizes parking, and provides sustainable transportation choices so residents can drive less. It includes tools to show the tremendous benefits of affordable housing. 



Key Funding Measures

Ballot measures and initiatives are a critical source of funding for affordable housing near transit. TransForm pushes for more smart investments and educates voters before elections.


Linking Affordable Housing and Transit

Engaging public agencies to promote affordable housing on their property, replace under-utilized parking with new homes, and prevent displacement when expanding infrastructure.


State CapitolState Legislation and Funding

Championing policies that support more homes near transit and make it easier to drive less.



Mobility Hubs at Affordable Housing Pilot 

We’re piloting an exciting new approach to offer shared solar electric vehicles and bikes, charging stations, and a host of other options at three affordable housing developments in the Bay Area.