November 15, 2016

The results of last week’s national elections are starting to sink in. A racist, misogynist, climate-denying demagogue will be the next president of the US. His comments about people of color, women, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ people, and people with disabilities (to name a few) are not just offensive and upsetting — they embolden the worst elements in our society, already putting people’s lives in danger. His climate denial may put everyone on the planet at risk, especially the hundreds of millions of the most vulnerable who may lose their homes to rising seas, or lives to hunger from drought. We shudder at what this means for future generations.

TransForm unequivocally rejects the hate, lies, fear, and division that Trump has amplified and exploited in his rise to power. We stand in solidarity with all of our communities who will be made more vulnerable by a Trump presidency, even more committed now to ensuring that they and all people have safe and affordable places to live and ways to get around that support the health of people and the planet. We’re going to take the time to reflect and consider how we need to adjust our priorities, our approach, and our partners to meet this moment.

We also know that hate crimes and harassment often happen to people walking or on public transportation. We pledge to work harder to address this problem, to make our streets and transit systems truly safer places for women, people of color, people of faith, and other vulnerable communities.

Now more than ever, it is critical for states and local governments to lead on climate, social equity, and affordability. We will not throw up our hands in defeat; we will roll up our sleeves to keep California on track as a leader for climate justice and a beacon of hope in the US and the world. We will double down for just and sustainable transportation, housing, and land use solutions that serve and connect our diverse communities so that no one — neither urban nor rural working families — is left behind.

At the same time, we have a lot to be proud of in California and the Bay Area. The strong support for public transportation and affordable housing measures across the state in this election shows a willingness to invest in more inclusive, sustainable communities. It’s worth savoring and celebrating these successes as sources of hope to fuel us through the hard times to come. This commitment is especially heartening since federal funding for many of the programs we care about may shrink or disappear over the next four years.

We won’t let that stop us.

Great places to walk and bike, vibrant public spaces, affordable homes and transportation can bring people together and foster a more inclusive society. That should be a unifying vision for our future, and we will keep bringing people together to move it forward.

In solidarity,
Stuart Cohen, on behalf of the TransForm staff and board

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Wednesday, November 16, is our LIVE Awards + Benefit and it couldn’t have come at a better time. We are eager to come together in community to re-energize, celebrate our successes, and enjoy good food, drink, and company. We are thrilled to be honoring Kate White and Guillermo Mayer for their amazing work to create transportation and housing solutions that address both climate and social equity. You won’t want to miss this, so buy your ticket today!

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TransForm is seeking a High School Coordinator to join our award-winning Safe Routes to Schools team, based in our Oakland office. We are looking for someone to work in high schools across Alameda County, who has experience working with teenagers using a youth engagement approach. If this sounds like you or someone you know, please apply or share today.

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Lawmakers in Sacramento have been trying to pass a deal on transportation funding by a November 30th deadline. The current proposal would raise over $7.2 billion annually in new funding. The problem is, this proposal looks too much like business as usual, with not enough emphasis on improving safety and mobility for the people who need it most.

TransForm and our allies would love to see more funding for transportation, but only if it goes to the right things! Read our blog for details on what legislators are considering and what changes are needed to win our support.

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Silicon Valley is home to some of the worst traffic in our nation, but it could soon be the testing ground for an innovative new strategy that reduces traffic, fights climate change, and helps more people of all incomes get where they need to quickly. We call this solution an “Optimized Express Lane”, and San Mateo County has started a major study that includes analyzing this approach on Highway 101. With $78 billion of highway widening still being considered in California, we need a whole new approach to reduce congestion and emissions. Read more on our blog.

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