Public Transportation

TransForm believes that all Californians should have safe, abundant options to get where they need to go – and public transportation is a key part of this.

But in too many places, public transportation isn’t what it should be: fast, frequent, reliable, and affordable. 

We need our bus, train, and ferry services to be more connected, convenient, and inviting for many more people. We need world-class public transportation.

TransForm works intensively in the Bay Area and on statewide policy to bring world-class public transportation to millions more Californians.

Explore our different campaigns and programs below to learn more and get involved:

Save BART!

Making sure BART is fast, frequent, reliable, and affordable.



State CapitolState Legislation and Funding

Championing policies that improve transit, make streets safer, and strengthen communities.



Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects in the East Bay and South Bay can start a public transportation revolution.



Transportation Equity Summit

Bringing together advocates from across California to learn, connect, strategize, and win change. 



Key Funding Measures

Local ballot measures could yield billions in transportation dollars if passed by Bay Area voters.



 FAST Express Lanes

Better use of our existing roads could reduce traffic and increase transportation choices.