Riviera Family Apartments: Walnut Creek, CA


Certification Status: Conditional Certification Awarded Aug 25, 2014 

Developer: Resources for Community Development (RCD)

Location: 1515 and 1738 Riviera Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA

Description: The Riviera Family Apartments is envisioned as a family-oriented community of approximately 58 units serving households at 30% to 60% of Area Median Income (AMI).  This transit-oriented development includes two sites for housing at 1515 and 1738 Riviera Avenue.  The sites will include studios, 1- , 2- and 3-bedrooms along with community spaces, including a property management office, community room, services office, computer room for residents, and a laundry room. The location on Riviera Avenue is very convenient for families, with BART only one and a half blocks away and Buena Vista Elementary School approximately one-third of a mile away from the project site. Riviera Family Apartments is close to neighborhood and regional shopping centers like Target and Downtown Walnut Creek. 

The proximity of the site to Walnut Creek BART and jobs downtown means that residents’ transportation needs are adequately met on site by up to 51 parking spaces and secure storage for 138 bicycles. Riviera Family Apartments represents a new shift in transportation choices for Walnut Creek. RCD has a Letter of Intent from City CarShare indicating RCD's commitment to free carshare memberships per household and an on-street parking space for a carshare vehicle that is in a highly visible and convenient location. Riviera Family Apartments will also participate in County Connection's bulk transit pass program (CoCo Pass) for one year. RCD will also evaluate the effect of the free transit pass and carshare on reducing trips and delaying car ownership. 

View the GreenTRIP Project Evaluation Report (updated Jan 2015)

View the Letter of GreenTRIP Conditional Certification (updated Jan 2015)