Safe Routes to Schools

Getting the next generation walking, biking, and riding transit as a way of life.

One generation ago, almost half of children in the U.S. walked to school.  Today, only 1 in 10 children walks to school regularly.  

This means most children do not experience the joy and benefits that come with getting to school with their own two feet: a sense of freedom and responsibility; fresh air and getting to know your neighborhood; a daily habit of physical activity; and feeling alert and ready to start the day.  

Meanwhile, 10-20% of morning congestion is from parents driving kids to school, which pollutes the air near schools and makes the streets near schools more dangerous for kids who do walk or bike.         

Safe Routes to School (SR2S) programs are a powerful way to get more children walking and biking safely to school.  SR2S also identifies and helps win funding to fix pedestrian and bike infrastructure near schools.  

TransForm’s pilot program helped launch a regional movement

In 2006, TransForm started a pilot SR2S program at two Oakland elementary schools, inspired by the hugely successful Marin County SR2S program. The program has since grown to become a national model for urban SR2S programs and now works with more than 180 public schools, including high schools. The Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools Program is funded and administered by the Alameda County Transportation Commission.  

Our advocacy and the success of the Alameda County and Marin County SR2S programs helped bring SR2S programs in all nine Bay Area counties. We continue to push the Bay Area and California to make growing investments in these programs throughout the region and state.

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