Safe Routes to Transit Project Profiles

"I am less afraid. I used to bring three different locks to lock my bike. It's nice to have the bike station. I see the same friendly people everyday. The staff is extremely helpful. I've even gotten my bike tuned here."

-Linnea, Berkeley

Safe Routes to Transit has helped fund over 54 Bay Area bicycle and pedestrian improvement projects over the past nine years. Below are a few highlights of the program. Click the project title to download the one-page project profile to learn more! 

Highlighted Projects:

Berkeley Bike Station

Berkeley Bike Station


268 Bike Parking Spaces 

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Star Intersection

Star Intersection and San Pablo Avenue at 40th Street Transit Hub


Bailey Road Transit Access Improvement

Bailey Road Transit Access Improvement Project


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BART Railcar Reconfiguration

BART C2 Railcar Reconfiguration Project


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VTA Pilot Bike Sharing Project

VTA Pilot Bike Sharing Implementation


70 stations, 1000+ bikes

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Balboa Park Station

Balboa Park Bart Station


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Glen Park Area Bicycle Project

Glen Park Area Bicycle Project


Polk Street Bicycle Gap Closure

Polk Street Bicycle Gap Closure


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Highlighted Projects in Development:

Ohlone Greenway at El Cerrito Del Norte BART Station

Richmond Ohlone Greenway Gap Closure - Class I Access to Transit


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Concord BART Station

Concord Bicycle and Pedestrian Access to Transit


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San Rafael Transit Center

Puerto Suello Hill Path to San Rafael Transit Center Connector Project




Santa Clara Transit Station Ped/Bike Tunnel

Santa Clara Transit Center - Pedestrian/Bicycle Crossing


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  • Santa Clara Transit Center Feasibility Study (See Cycle 1 Planning Projects)
Safe Pathways to Diridon Station

San Jose Safe Pathways to Diridon Light Rail Station

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Planning Projects:

Cycle 1:

Cycle 2:

Cycle 3:

Cycle 4:

Cycle 5:

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