Safe Routes to Transit (SR2T)

Polk Street Bicycle Gap Closure
Local projects make getting to public transportation on foot or bike safer and easier.

In Many Places, Getting to Public Transportation is Too Dangerous

Many people live within walking or biking distance of good public transportation options, but challenges such as dangerous roads and intersections, plus a lack of safe bike parking, understandably deter people from using public transit.

First-in-the-Nation Program Makes It Safer to Get to Transit without Cars 

That’s why in 2004 TransForm and Bike East Bay proposed the Bay Area's first-in-the-nation program to fund projects specifically designed to address these challenges and help everyone get safely to public transit.  

With funding from Regional Measure 2 (the one-dollar bridge toll increase to fund public transit) the Safe Routes to Transit (SR2T) grant program was launched. It has since awarded $20 million to fantastic projects throughout the Bay Area – everything from the Berkeley Bike Station, to a bicycle/pedestrian highway overcrossing in Santa Rosa, to bike sharing in San Jose.

The final round of grants was awarded in 2014. 

Results of Safe Routes to Transit

Funded by a contract between MTC and Fehr and Peers, students from UC Berkeley's Safe Transportation Research and Education Center conducted interviews and surveys to analyze the impacts of these safety enhancements on transit use. Check out how SR2T projects are impacting mode share and the local economy. 

Bringing Safe Routes to Transit to Other Regions 

TransForm is working with other regions in California to bring similar grant programs there. The Sacramento and San Diego regions are both establishing Safe Routes to Transit programs.

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