State Funding Campaign

Significant new funds are needed to transform California’s communities and transportation.

TransForm’s Sacramento office opened in 2009 largely in response to the critical challenge of funding.  For too long, funding has fallen far short of what’s needed for public transportation, walking, biking, and affordable homes. 

But there are big opportunities at hand.  Right now, our leaders are deciding how to spend billions of dollars from California’s new cap-and-trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our efforts to shape these decisions are focused on:

  • Research, like our recent report showing that building more affordable homes near transit would have huge climate benefits.
  • The Sustainable Communities for All Coalition, which TransForm co-leads, which is advocating for a joint platform that would put cap-and-trade funds overwhelmingly towards public transportation, affordable homes near transit, protecting open space, and more.
  • Building a network of advocates statewide, including through our annual Transportation Choices Summit

TransForm also works on state legislation that will either directly raise new funding sources or allow local/regional agencies to have more authority to raise funds.

It will take voices from every corner of California to win, so get involved in the movement for transportation choices and sustainable communities for all!  

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